The Trident Edit

"The Trident is the flagship of Captain Melville Burnco who fought for the PCF during the Great Solar War. He went AWOL after the battle of Deimos, Becoming notorious for his obsessive hunt for the pale transhuman dreadnought which had decimated his fleet in battle"


Overview Edit

A Hero Ship, the Trident emphasizes on area control and pushing through enemy lines, boasting a extremely nice mesh of health and firepower, Trident works great in teams, soaking up the damage like a sponge and dishing plenty back, when paired with Tactical Cruiser[s] and using Endurance Mode, Trident can push through the heaviest squalls of enemy fire easily, able to especially apply pressure with area control and denial attacks from its Modules.

The Trident can be discovered to have 90,000 health due to the Reinforced Officer Briefing and 180,000 health with Endurance Mode active, keep in mind the Trident is as stated slow, by a very painful extent, diverting power to Maneuvering Thrusters is imperative.