Team EliminationEdit

Survive and eliminate the enemy team


Elimination is also a five-on-five mode, except it plays out as a best of three rounds. You only get one life at the helm of the ship you choose. If all five players on a team die, the round is lost and the combatants move on to the next one. But there's a twist: When you die, you can respawn at the controls of a fighter jet. <p>Team Elimination requires that teams decide carefully and strategically their team composition. TE will only give you one life, meaning positioning and careful movement is crucial. Overextending means death, and death means one less ship on your team. The general idea is to cut the lifeline; meaning that if their Tactical Cruiser is dead, they can be easily overpowered since your team will still have a Tac Cruiser.

The idea behind Team Elimination is to introduce new, more complex strategies into the actual gameplay.  As Game Director Peter Holzapfel from Yager discussed during the panel, while using a Battlestar Galactica comparison to the player being like Commander Adama, “you really care about your ship playing Team Elimination because, if it blows up, it’s gone, really.”  He did acknowledge that the developers understand waiting around for your teammates to finish playing the match is no fun, so in Team Elimination you re-enter play “as Apollo or Starbuck,” referring to the smaller, more mobile jet you take control of.

Platform: PC, PS4

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