The Silesia Edit

The Silesia is the flagship of a rogue Sinley Bay captain, whose identity remains hazy

Lore Edit

The Silesia is the flagship of a rogue Sinley Bay captain, whose identity remains hazy, but has gained a reputation as a fearsome destructive force. Some speculate he could even be Transhuman. What is known is that he and his crew lost their secluded asteroid base during a Pan Colonial Fleet raid. Ever since then, the Captain of the Silesia roams through the Solar System, hunting the PCF crew responsible for the raid, crushing anyone who gets in his way.

Overview Edit

The Silesia is a very offensive-oriented ship. It is faster than its Artillery counterparts and shoots faster. It comes with Rapid Fire and Drain Missile as Primary and Secondary Modules, making the DPS potential very high. Its Perimeter and Internal modules are fully defensive, using the Disruptor Pulse and Armor Amplifier.

It has no Flak Turrets as opposed to the Nox. Instead, it comes with Machine Gun Turrets, weapons oriented for medium range combat. Once again, the Silesia forsakes close range defensive options for more medium to long range DPS options.

That is compensated with Officer Briefings though. Desperate Measures and Reinforced give the Silesia more HP and a "panic button" with the second activation of Armor Amplifier, if timed correctly. Navigation Expert makes it a very mobile ship too, allowing the extended flow of Energy to the Engines. The last Briefing, the Weapons Briefing, is Destruction Cascade and once again improves its offensive potential. With a higher damage after destroying a ship, switching targets quickly is very important.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon particle turrets bg

Particle Turrets

UI weapon machine gun turrets bg

Machine Gun Turrets

Standard Modules Edit

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability SiegeMode

Rapid Fire Mode

UI Ability Missile Block

Drain Missile

UI Ability Pulse Scramble

Disruptor Pulse

UI Ability Hardening

Armor Amplifier

Standard Officer Briefings Edit

Communications Briefing Weapons Briefing Navigation Briefing Engineering Briefing
Desperate measures bg

Desperate Measures

Destruction cascade bg

Destruction Cascade

Nagivation expert bg

Navigation Expert

Reinforced bg


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