The Agosta Edit

An all-purpose sniper

Lore Edit

Although spartan in looks, the Rurik can dish out significant damage for a tier-I vessel. However, with minimal armor, it’s extremely vulnerable to attack. It is at the helm of the Rurik where all sharp-shooting captains learn to hit targets—and discover the consequences of missing them.

After taking a beating as the flagship of the brutish PCF General Agrajag, the Rurik was picked up by scavengers and has since been restored it to its former modest glory.

Overview Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon heavy plasma cannons bg

Heavy Tesla Cannon

UI weapon repeater guns bg

Light Flak Turrets

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability Broadside

Siege Mode I

UI Ability Missiles

Flechette Missiles I

UI Ability Turrets Auto

Anti Missile Lasers I

UI Ability WarpDrive

Stationary Cloak I

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