Rings of saturn

Rings of Saturn Edit

Rings of Saturn is the only orbit map at the moment. Located in what was once an ice mining facility and mercenary pit stop, Rings of Saturn is now only a shadow of its former self. The ruins of this Aquatech facility—one of many that used to populate the Solar System—drift dormant amid the boulders. What structures do remain have created a vast, debris-filled arena that's perfect for tactical warfare.

This map offers the full glory of 360° combat. Flanking is no longer just lateral movement, instead it must be considered from under and above your own ship. While venturing into the rings, located at the center of the map, is the quickest way to move around, it also puts you in a very fragile position, where enemies can box you and cut out support. As of v1.1.0b, spawn is greatly improved, and spawn camping should not an issue.

Quicker vessels like Corvettes can take advantage of the battlefield's depth by flying below the central building to flank the enemy fleet. Ships can also take cover inside the main barrel-shaped structure to protect themselves from nukes (which come directly from above) — or stick to the top of it to escape fire from below. In addition to the abandoned mining structures, boulders offer multiple hiding spots for snipers and healers to do their jobs from the shadows. Take a look at the positions marked on the map and try them out with your own team!

Rings of saturn - map overview

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