XP and Credits costs have been adjusted for Tiers III and up. We have a full write-up on motivations for this change here.

Tier II > III Upgrade 

  • XP: No Change
  • Credits: 50,000 > 24,000

Tier III > III Branch

  • XP: 20,000 > 14,000
  • Credits: 74,000 > 22,000

Tier III > IV Upgrade

  • XP: 50,000 > 65,000
  • Credits: 225,000 > 100,000

Tier IV > IV Branch

  • XP: 75,000 > 60,000
  • Credits: 300,000 > 95,000

Tier IV > V Upgrade

  • XP: 100,000 > 225,000
  • Credits: 500,000 > 300,000

Based on player feedback, Veteran fleets and Tier I ships will now no longer be matchmade together. It is still possible to match a fleet made entirely of Tier II and up ships with Tier IV, as they are within the same Veteran bracket. This may result in longer queue times, but overall better matchmaking experiences.


  • Removed the ability for players to queue for Legendary fleets without having Legendary fleets unlocked.
  • Fixed a shop error preventing a number of pre-Shipyard decals from being visible and purchasable.
  • Fixed an issue where “Press X to show loadout information” did not show loadout information when X was pressed.
  • Resolved an issue where players could equip Hero Ships they did not purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where Aion ships could respawn as another Aion in Team Elimination.
  • Resolved inconsistencies in the description text for Elite Status.