The Outis Edit

Also known as the Black Phantom, this ultra-stealthy Corvette is feared by all who enter unpatrolled space.

Lore Edit

Also known as the Black Phantom, this ultra-stealthy Corvette is feared by all who enter unpatrolled space. It is said to be the ship of Captain Kith Longpaw, a smuggler who stole a Transhuman design from Oberon, rearmed and refit it using composites and metal to replace its mysterious but long dead biological armor. Legend says the Outis attacks so suddenly, that even ships equipped with advanced RAVEN systems have little hope of fighting back.

Overview Edit

The Outis has a different playstyle as most Corvettes. It doesn't have a Warp and nor a Torpedo. Instead, the Outis features the Heavy Cloak and Light Proximity Mines. Its job is to lay a trap before unsuspecting ships and wait for the mines to explode. Then, he sweeps in for the kill with the Disruptor Pulse.

Its Secondary Weapons are Plasma Turrets, intended on dealing damage from a safe distance. They can be used to pick off targets that triggered the mines. The Internal Module is the Afterburner, which is the standard for almost all Corvettes.

The Officer Briefings are half-measures. Feedback Loop gives the Outis more Energy to keep on the move, and It's A Trap has the same intent. Engine Rigger gives it a massive boost in Speed when Energy flow is set to the Engines, and Destruction Cascade tries to supplement the lack of direct damage Modules.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon dual repeaters bg

Dual Repeaters

UI weapon plasma turrets bg

Plasma Turrets

Standard Modules Edit

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability Cloak

Heavy Cloak

UI Ability Mine Nano

Light Proximity Mines

UI Ability Pulse Scramble

Disruptor Pulse

UI Ability Afterburner


Standard Officer Briefings Edit

Communications Briefing Weapons Briefing Navigation Briefing Engineering Briefing
Feedback loop bg

Feedback Loop

Destruction cascade bg

Destruction Cascade

Engine rigger bg

Engine Rigger

Its a trap bg

It's a Trap!

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