The Nox Edit

The Nox class artillery cruiser fuses together latest technological advancements with House Oberon aesthetics, featuring compacted railgun turrets with unlimited fire angles.

Lore Edit

The first prototype of the Nox dates back to the Great Solar War when House Oberon salvaged a Transhuman Warship to reverse engineer it to make it useful for practical countermeasures. Even though it had a very slow production cycle at that time, since for every Nox class artillery cruiser a Transhuman warship was needed, it became soon the pride and joy of the House Oberon megacooperation.

Overview Edit

The Nox is a very versatile ship. It is faster than its Artillery counterparts and shoots faster. However, damage per shot is lower. It is therefore recommended to use Rapid Fire or Siege Mode to enhance the damage dealt. Bomb Catapult and Mine Catapult are also viable choices for one looking for more defensive positioning. Unlike the Svarog, the Nox has a 360° shooting angle, meaning defense is easier. Still, swapping out the Cloak for another survivabilty Module is recommended.

The Nox can be either a defensive Artillery-Cruiser or an offensive one; all depends on Modules. It excels at both, but is the only ship of its class to offer more defensive playstyles.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon particle turrets bg

Particle Turrets

UI weapon light flak turrets bg

Light Flak Turrets