The Monarch Edit

The Monarch class dreadnought is a true behemoth among it's peers.The largest ship of its type, it is extremely armored, heavily armed and very slow.

Lore Edit

Jupiters Arms' spared no effort to make the Monarch class the most common type during the second stage of the Great Solar War. First built only for orbital bombardements, but after several adjustments the Monarch class entered successfully the planetary battlefield to turn the tide against the Transhuman Flotilla.

Overview Edit

This gargantuan ship is a real threat. It is almost impossible to destroy, and its modules just give it more survivabilty. It moves at a crawl though, making movement really difficult.

It comes pre-equipped with the same Modules as all other Dreadnought class, thus making use of the Warp almost obligatory when trying to cover big distances.

Armor and Health Amplifier can be used to boost the suvivabilty even more, making the task of killing a Monarch very difficult.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon heavy ballistic cannons bg

Heavy Ballistic Cannons

UI weapon repeater guns bg

Repeater Guns

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