Designed and built to last, the Koschei tac-cruiser excels at survivability. It is every inch the flying bunker for mobile repair on a deadly battlefield.

Lore Edit

The Koschei class tactical cruiser was an experimental project dedicated to pushing the limits of combat repair technology. Primary weapon systems have been replaced with a heavy repair beam turret.

Overview Edit

The Koschei is almost exclusively a healer ship. Its Beam has a very high repair rate, but a very low DPS rate. He is tankier than the other Tactical Cruisers, but moves at a slower pace.

The Standard Modules are not aimed towards its highest repair potential, though. By using the Beam Amplifier, Repair Pods, Repair Autobeams and the Energy Generator, one can keep a ship alive for a very long time. Coupled with Adrenaline Shot, Feedback Loop, Slow and Steady (for higher survivabilty) and Module Amper, the repair output will be ridiculously high, and for short periods, unstoppable.

This configuration WILL leave the Koschei very vunerable, so hiding behind your Dreadnought or behind a rock is very important.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon heavy reapair beams bg

Heavy Repair Beam

UI weapon light rocket turrets bg

Light Rocket Turrets

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