The Huscarl Edit

This is the flagship of Crom Gallant, erstwhile head of R&D at Akula Industries.

Lore Edit

This is the flagship of Crom Gallant, erstwhile head of R&D at Akula Industries. Legend has it that when Gallant quit the megacorporation, he stole a prototype heavy Destroyer equipped with elite modules. Siding against the PCF in the Great Solar War, he proved to be a shrewd tactician. His skill and the immense power of his ship made him impossible to beat until he finally met his match in the Battle of Io, where he was defeated by a certain Captain Bix.

Overview Edit

The Huscarl is a well-balanced variant of the Gora. A true elite warrior, this ship can sustain heavy damage while still holding the line, and switch to a more aggresive stance with its offensive Modules.

With the Gora's survivabilty and Modules geared towards sustained DPS, it's easy to understand Crom's victories. The combination of Tempest Missiles and Weaponbreaker Missile allows the Huscarl to keep the pressure while the opposing Captain watch as his guns fail. If that fails to destroy the enemy ship, activating both his 3rd and 4th gives the Huscarl an impressive 250% boost to damage, bringing his Cannons to 500~650 damage per shot. All that while giving allies a 175% bonus to damage.

In short, it is a beast. And if that wasn't enough, Destruction Cascade, Nerves of Steel and Tip the Scales will guarantee the victory with even more damage reduction, health regeneration and (more) extra damage on kills.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon ballistic cannons bg

Ballistic Cannons

UI weapon flak turrets bg

Flak Turrets

Standard Modules Edit

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability Missile Swarm

'Tempest' Missiles

UI Ability Missile PowerDecrease

Weaponbreaker Missile

UI Ability Pulse Scramble

Weaponbooster Pulse

UI Ability EnergyToWeapons

Weapon Amplifier

Standard Officer Briefings Edit

Communications Briefing Weapons Briefing Navigation Briefing Engineering Briefing
Feedback loop bg

Feedback Loop

Destruction cascade bg

Destruction Cascade

Nerves of steel bg

Nerves of Steel

Tip the scales bg

Tip The Scales

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