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Fairy King's House

Naming is Greek + Roman sense

Make a ship that is lightweight as a whole and suitable for support, and which requires flexible standing.

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Send support from the future.

Oberon's ship is very smooth, giving a magical impression.

Constructed using Transhuman's reverse engineering technology,

Generally it is the lightest and quickest on the battlefield.

The characteristics of Oberon's ship are maneuverability.

It is faster than Jupiter Arms and Akula Vector, and it is excellent for proceeding through the battlefield.

Armor is a thin, light and delicate speed star, a ship very fragile against the shot.

Development Tree: Edit


Tactical Cruiser Artillery Cruiser Corvette Destroyer
Tier1 Cerberus
Tier2 Orcus Furia
Tier3 Gravis Ceres Virtus Fulgora
Tier4 Lorica Aion Nox Medusa Vindicta
Tier5 Invictus Feronia Stabia Mithras Brutus