Hotfix 1.4.2b will be covering the following issues...

  • Fixed various server crash issues
  • Fixed a bug causing Victory bonuses to not count in XP + Credits rewards
  • Resolved a math issue that caused players in Veteran and Legendary matches to receive fewer Credits
  • Resolved an issue where players getting disconnected while playing TE - cf
  • Fixed a bug involving Squads that caused the game to become unresponsive
  • Resolved an issue that prevented multiple players from respawning 
  • Resolved an issue where players would respawn in Onslaught mode without a ship, and will be reenabling this mode for play

Maintenance is expected to last 3-4 hours, but could be completed sooner than that. We'll update our Twitter page, as well as this thread once maintenance has concluded. Thank you again for your patience, support, and understanding captains! 

UPDATE: This maintenance is completed. We are working on a fix for the significant server instability.