The Gravis Edit

A light and agile brute

Lore Edit

The Gravis is bristling with firepower—but its true strength lies in its maneuverability. This light, streamlined tank specializes in pummeling ships with its Autocannon Turrets from medium range, then disengaging to avoid heavy fire.

Once the flagship of General Baecula, the Head of Ascetic Design, this modified Dreadnought is faster and feistier than its previous incarnation. Perhaps a reference to its

contradictory nature, its hull bears the phrase "hasten slowly."

Overview Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon heavy plasma cannons bg

Autocannon Turrets

UI weapon repeater guns bg

Repeater Guns II

While the Gravis says that it moves much faster than other Dreadnoughts the sppen is that comparable to it's prequisite the Orcus. It begins with Plasma Cannons, Repeater Cannons II,  Vulture Missiles II,  Anti-Missile LazersII, and Warp Jump II. It does average damage for a Dreadnought but is also less durable so manuvering is key, the Warp Jump helps facilitate this it is reccomended that to keep your left or right side facing your targe as this will allow for the Plasma Broadside to do it job arguably the best tool in a default Gravis' kit. Circling other Dreadnoughts and Destroyers can give you an advantage in battle and Spped Boost, Damage Increase, as well as Shields should be used as needed. Despite the energy consumpition rating being Very Low the actual energy consumtion is also that of it's prequisite the Orcus. Make no mistake when they say this is a Medium Range ship they mean it, but getting along side a long Destroyer or Dreadnought who cannot keep up with your dodging and diving  can be extremely satisfying as well as teaching you a valuable lesson in Dreadnoght, holding still when not in cover is a one way ticket to a ruined ship. Upgrades are pretty expensive the cheapest one being 4,200 Research Points and 4,800 Credits but they can be well worth it once you get adjusted to playing this monster of a ship.

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability Broadside

Plasma Broadside II

UI Ability Missiles

Vulture Missiles II

UI Ability Turrets Auto

Anti Missile Lasers II

UI Ability WarpDrive

Warp Jump II

The total for all upgrades both Research Points and Credits is 83,000 Research Points and 83,300 Credits. To upgrade to the Lorica is 65,000 Research Points and 100,000 Credits for a grand total of 148,000 Research Points and 183,300 Credits!

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