Dry dock

Dry Dock Edit

Dry Dock is an atmospheric map set on a frozen wasteland near the sea. It is a natural gas refinery on Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon. Originally founded by the Pan-Colonial Commonwealth, its proximity to the front lines of the Great Solar War gradually transformed it into an operating base for House Oberon. Destroyed by invading fleets, it has since been resurrected by smaller factions of outlaws looking for scraps of fortune.

At first glance, Dry Dock's layout is relatively simple. Three ice ridges divide the landscape into two cavernous valleys, each of which creates a trench for light-armored ships and Tactical Cruisers to use for cover. However, a closer look reveals plenty of flanking routes to choose from. These deep channels allow even the largest vessels to slip behind enemy lines undetected.

While Dry Dock offers plenty of room to spread out, a central bridge between the valleys creates a hotspot for conflict. This area is ideal for heavily armored ships, but should be avoided by weaker ships without protection.

Dry dock detailed

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