The Destroyers Edit

The vanguard of an efficient strike group, the Destroyer performs solidly at every level. It is often the first ship into combat and the last ship out. With skillful Energy Management, the Destroyer can provide a variety of roles for the team.

Overview Edit

The all-in-one ship, the Destroyer is the most versatile class of ship. They can easily be modded for survivability, hit-and-run attacks, sustained DPS and even an "aura" ship, giving buffs to nearby ships. With Cannons and Turrets as Primary Weapons, they can keep shooting throughout the entire fight, while unleashing hell with Missiles, Nukes and even the Ram. Their Modules can be tailored to remove Energy, deal heavy sustained damage and outdamage Dreadnoughts, Corvettes and Tactical Cruisers, or even soak damage as you regain Energy and refill Shields in but a second.

It's multi-function capabilities make the destroyer a valuable asset to any strike force, as it can handle almost any situation. Also, depending on the module configuration there is customizability that can be either a light cavalry or a heavy infantry.

Standard Configuration Edit

All Destroyers come pre-equipped with the same Modules and Officer Briefings. The only difference are the Weapons.

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability Missile Swarm

Tempest Missiles

UI Ability Torpedo Salvo

Torpedo Salvo

UI Ability Turrets Auto

Medium Autoguns

UI Ability EnergyPack

Energy Generator

Communications Briefing Weapons Briefing Navigation Briefing Engineering Briefing
UI perk communication bg

Communications 101

UI perk weapons bg

Weapons 101

UI perk navigation bg

Navigation 101

UI perk engineering bg

Engineering 101

The several factions have different destroyers, divided by light, medium, heavy.

light (House Oberon) medium (Jupiter Arms) heavy (Akula Vektor)


All ships can be purchases on the Market. All ships can be purchases on the Market for either FP or GP GP-icon-nobg. The exception are Hero Ships, which can only be acquired through Founder's Packs.

Light DestroyerEdit

Medium Destroyer Edit

Heavy DestroyerEdit


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